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Gabe / on Fri, May 5 2006 at 10:42 am

Come see us at E3!

Are you going to E3? Well we will be signing stuff at the Ubisoft booth again this year. The days of security tossing us out into the street are thankfully over. This will be the third year that Ubi has been kind enough to provide with us with a space to do our thing. Just like last year we’ll be handing out a free comic book that collects all the comic projects we did for them last year. Here is a peak at the cover:


We’ll be there on Wednesday and Thursday from 1 to 2 in the afternoon. The free comics will be a “while supplies last” sort of thing so come early if you want to get one of those. We’re happy to sign and doodle on anything you happen to have though. Our only rule is that it cannot burn, sting or bite. I think I told the story last year about how upon seeing the line of people waiting for us I became so flustered that I walked into the woman’s bathroom. After splashing some water on my face I realized there were no urinals and everything was pink. That’s real terror. Anyway, the point is our lines tend to be sort of long for whatever reason. What’s happened is they’ve turned into DS LAN parties. If you bring a DS I don’t think you’ll have any trouble finding some games or some pictochat to pass the time.

A while ago we linked you guys to what I think is probably the best World of Warcraft machinima there is. The movie is called Return and it’s won all kinds of awards since it came out last year. Well now the trailer for part two is available and I highly recommend you check it out. These guys are really doing some incredible work.

Speaking of movies I assume you have all seen the latest Superman trailer by now. I would describe it as “shit hot”. What’s interesting is comparing how awesome the Superman trailer looks to this terrible clip showing a sentinel from X-Men 3 (possible spoilers). Everything about that clip is trash from the set to the acting to the dialogue. I am perfectly aware that Colossus throwing Wolverine around is canonical but in real life it looks fucking stupid. I’d say Bryan Singer was what made the previous X-Men films so great and now he’s taken his magic wand and pointed it at Superman. Comic book fans are lucky they have someone like Bryan who not only understands comics but understands how to translate them into movies without making you feel ashamed of your hobby. What I want to know is when videogame fans will get a director like that.

Also, I’m pretty sure that’s Jerry and I (the real us, not Gabe and Tycho) in the last panel of today’s PvP. I’m not sure what we’re doing there or what if anything Scott has planned for us but I thought it was pretty cool.

-Gabe out

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