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Tycho / on Wed, Jun 21 2006 at 1:59 pm

Did I Ever Mention Listening Post?

If not, I really should have.

Listening Post was (in art world terms) an Installation, but the term installation has a lot of baggage for me.  Media Experiment sounds pretty silly, too.  Well, maybe you can tell me what it is:  a bank of LCD screens display random snips of text from the Internet at various intervals, presenting it in one of a few different ways.  One of them sounds like a men’s choir, where the top thirty words starting with a particular letter are recited.  Seeing the Internet, an entity with which I have a more than passing familiarity, represented in a novel way - the cacophonous noise of fifty flamewars at once, presented as art - was something that remained with me.

I just found another site that plays with raw information in a similar way called We Feel Fine.  Culled from your Earth Blogs, it collects and presents text strings about "feelings" in various novel, interactive ways. 


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