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Tycho / on Mon, Oct 23 2006 at 12:00 am


  Gabe and I both have been cutting, shooting, and also choking our way through Splinter Cell: Double Agent’s single player campaign.  They’ve done away with the explicit "light meter" that told you when you were safe in absolute terms, replacing it with a more general purpose "spider sense" type of equipment.  Early in the game, it’s mounted right there on the wifebeater you are wearing in prison, and it doesn’t really seem to bother anybody.  We found that odd.

After trying to play Tiger Woods virtually every day since we purchased it, last night the celestial order was such that we could get four of us together to play - this was really all we wanted to do.  I had two hard locks of the console before we arrived in the game proper, though - Keek left the lobby to load another golfer, and apparently that can crash all other clients(???).  Huh.  I wondered if calling them "criminals" in my last post did not venture beyond the realm of propriety, but now I’m trying to think of something worse

Readers reminded me of an ancient post I wrote shortly after Gabriel the Younger was born - one regarding the dark and deadly eternal night that is the Electronic Arts matchmaking "service."  The language I deployed then was so bleak that they wondered by I was surprised to suffer again at their cruel lash.  I’ll tell you why:  because that was two Goddamn Years Ago.  In my adorable naivete, they had begun to hold their customers in something less like contempt.   

I remain devoted to Meteos on the Nintendo DS - as one of the Earth’s most novel and exciting adversarial puzzle games, it’s almost impossible to believe that a tiny chip housed in plastic has been the conduit of such enduring joy.  I’d heard that a sequel was forthcoming, but when I learned it was Disney Branded I didn’t really know what to make of that.  Would one simply arrange blocks to the cloying strains of Hakuna Matata?  I would rather burn forever, unable to die.  It sounds like I was worried for nothing, though - more than the expected palette swap, there’s actually something good happening there.   

(CW)TB out. 

  now the wolf is at the door

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