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Tycho / on Mon, Dec 11 2006 at 12:00 am

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More Cautious Than Optimistic

Everybody heard, right?  A Firefly MMO?  I should probably establish firmly that there is no pre-pre-alpha of the game available, to put pistol-packing browncoats at ease.  We were just goofing around in the strip, without even the trace particles of truth we ordinarily rely upon.

Reading over the article that announced it and then heading over to Multiverse itself to see what others are doing with the same technology, there is almost nothing here to actually know.  It’s all well and good to discuss what kind of space pirate I might roll while I load my bong, but all that happened is that some guys I’ve never heard of licensed some stuff.  They are, in effect, announcing that in a few years, they’ll have something to announce.       

Not seeing any reviews out there for Star Trek: Legacy doesn’t seem like a good sign, does it?  My current, desperate theory for this - the one I squeeze, white-knuckled - is that it has something to do with the 360 version being delayed, shifted to this Tuesday.  No, I don’t know why that would matter.  Let me have this

The only real resource for people who want to know how people feel about "Star Trek: Lagacy" (sic) is the official forums, but as we are all quite aware the official forums for a game aren’t always…  representative.  There’s a level of enthusiasm and expectation that congregates on boards of this kind that rarely finds satisfaction in the delivered product.  I’m not saying that This Brave Vanguard is always wrong, or blind, just that my own expectations are probably lower than someone who routinely builds scale models.  There are a couple decent videos at on10 that piqued my interest, but the tenor of those boards (even taking into account the disparities described above) has made me hold out for additional information.

The "upcoming" Rainbow Six patch resolves the voice issues lamented previously, but actually removes a feature that worked without fail:  proximity voice.  This also happens in Halo 2, but the ability to hear nearby enemies in Rainbow Six is (and this is only a rough estimate) seventy billion times more important.  In Halo, a hundred shards of exploding crystal can pierce your flesh and you can live on to write your memoirs.  In R6, if a friend even shows you a picture of a gun, you will both die.

I’m not trying to establish a hierarchy here re: damage model supremacy.  I’m just saying that overhearing a conversation in these two games has different levels of import.

We thought it was strange having it at first, but there are many times where it reinforces the tactical thrust of the series, and keeps the channel clear.  There are also times where it improves the experience in other ways:  Gabe tends to breach in the right window on Calypso Casino, after watching the ropes for "wiggle" to see if someone is coming up.  We routinely hear his half of the conversation as he attempts to dissuade them.  I guess you had to be there, but I was there - presumably, for the last time. 

(CW)TB out. 


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