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Gabe / on Fri, Mar 9 2007 at 12:42 pm


It went up late yesterday so some of you might have missed it. I made a new wallpaper based on the Penny Arcade game we’re working on. Next week we’ll be releasing a trailer for the game. It sort of introduces the world and shows off some in game action.

We’re calling the game an RPG/adventure. We’ve created a new universe for the characters, similar to the CTS stuff. You’ll see a lot of familiar faces in the game but all in the context of this 1920’s sort of steam punk/lovecraft world called New Arcadia. Tycho’s doing more interviews today at GDC so you should see more information about the game appearing on various news sites. I think he said he talked to MTV this morning and he sat down with 1Up yesterday.

Anyway, here’s the drawing I did.

And here is a wallpaper version if you’re interested.


It’s true that I picked up a PS3 yesterday. We had one here at the office but none of us had decided to get one for our homes yet. Aside from Tekken the one here got almost no use. So my experience with the system last night was interesting. There were quite a few negative things that stuck out to me about my first real sit down with the console.

-Do the controllers really not turn themselves off?
-Why can’t I access the cross bar menu from inside a game?
-Why does an extra controller not come with a charging cable?
-Why is the charging cable so fucking short?
-Why do I need to sync the controller every time I turn it on?
-Why do I have to accept a EULA every time I want to play online?
-I really really wish it had background downloading.
-Why does Virtua Fighter need to take twelve minutes to install itself on my HD before I can play it?
-What is with Motorstorm taking forever to load?
-Why does it burn with the heat of a million suns?
-Why is it so big and ugly?

There were positives though.

-I do like cross bar menu.
-I like playing Flow.
-The HDMI hook up is much appreciated.
-I like that there isn’t a massive brick on the power cable.
-Tekken is a lot of fun.
-BlueRay seems like a pretty good ray.
-I guess that’s about it.

I sort of realized after the GDC announcements that I would need to have a PS3 this year. Heavenly sword is supposed to drop this summer and I really do want to play that. The “Home” stuff is interesting but the little Big Planet footage has got me really excited. I think that I probably jumped the gun with my purchase. I tried to play it last night but I just couldn’t. Not with GRAW 2 on the 360 calling my name. At any rate I have a PS3 now. As soon as Sony gets around to making something worth playing for it I’ll be ready.

-Gabe out

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