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Gabe / on Fri, Mar 30 2007 at 10:02 am

PAX 2007 and Emerald City Comic Con

One last reminder that Saturday the 31st is your last chance to get the early bird discount for PAX 2007. You can get a three day pass for $40 if you sign up right now. We’re selling tickets about twice as fast as we were last year at this time which is amazing. We’re actually expecting about 30,000 attendees this year and thanks to the massive new venue we can actually accommodate that kind of crowd.

The move to the Washington State Convention Center gives us more than double the space we had last year in Bellevue. We’ve got 200,000 square feet packed with new games, tournaments, concerts, contests and more.

Speaking of new games we’ve updated the PAX site with a partial list of exhibitors. We’re actually going to have over fifty this year. Some of the highlights include Microsoft, Sony, Ubisoft, Namco-Bandai, The Behemoth, Rockstar and Harmonix. Our exhibition hall this year is going to be nuts. You’re going to get your hands on some stuff that I know you’ve been dying to play and some stuff you haven’t even seen yet.

We’ve also lined up our keynote speaker for 2007. We’re not quite ready to drop his name yet but I was told I could give a hint. Honestly all the hints I can think of right now would totally give it away. I’ll just say it will be an honor to have him on the bridg-erm-stage.

We’re still accepting applications for enforcers. If you’d like to volunteer please send a mail to Kristen.

Also there are a few different "Supertrips" making their way to PAX this year. These are essentially massive nerd caravans that make the trip to PAX an experience just as memorable as the show itself. The Cross Country Supertrip, the Canadian Supertrip and the West coast Supertrip all have their own stickied threads in the PAX forum. I’ve heard stories about these trips and if you plan on driving it’s worth hooking up with one of them.

Finally MC Frontalot is releasing his new album very soon and is taking pre-orders for it now. If the cover art looks familiar it’s because the Front let me draw it.

Don’t forget to come see us at Emerald City Comic Con this weekend. We’ll have new posters and shirts and you can even kick my ass at puzzle quest if you bring your DS.

-Gabe out

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