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Tycho / on Wed, Jul 11 2007 at 12:23 am

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A Privet Matter, Part Two

Did I not tell you?  Did I not suggest that when natural justice fails, another burning energy may deliver that result which is good and proper?  Despair, mine enemies!  Unless you like swamps, in which case you might find my wrath pleasant.     

I wonder if it isn’t better to watch this "E3" from a distance than it is to wade around in it, hip-deep.  Having been to its forebear every year since (The Year of Our Lord) 1999, I’m in a position to know if this is the case, and I believe it is so.  When it comes to determining the quality of the materials set before us, I think it may be more dispassionate and more useful to download these things from GameTrailers than it is to watch it in a rigidly controlled environment, hooting with the rest of the journalistic tribe while you swing around a steaming shank of corporate meat.   

You should know that I’m referring to myself here, although if you would like to apply this to my embedded contemporaries you may do so.  Speaking in their defense, over the long span of my demagoguery I have met many professional games journalists, almost all of them bastards and unlikely to be swayed by the basic tricks.  As for Gabriel and myself, we have been called motherfuckers and I believe the term holds.  I can lie with grace and precision, a crucial talent for any writer, and then return to my "online blog" to sow the barbed seeds of your ruin.  But, much like the publishers and developers themselves, I am trying to find the real value in such a concentrated event.       

Briefly:  no, doubt, some measure of this must be connected with my heir, who I can’t bear to leave for long periods.  I can’t imagine why, as he routinely declares that I am a "whale" and a "beast."  But if I should leave, and he is carried off by the Coyote King, the lack of a direct successor will almost certainly mean war between the low princes. 

The true cause is that I am suspicious of marketing materials almost completely, and trust only the grip of a familiar pad and the whirl of the retail disc dancing in the drive.  I am not immune to pomp, and I take in the trailer and the screenshot for entertainment, but one may rarely call this education.  Even demos may lie, as did Motorstorm’s, spooling great troves of data off the hard drive while the actual product seems to pore through filing cabinets in the dark.  These things cost too much to leave things up to chance, by which I mean "the truth."  And the insane horserace mentality that the entire spectacle engenders might be the opposite of worthwhile.


(CW)TB out. 

  don’t lean on me, man

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