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Tycho / on Wed, Jul 25 2007 at 12:00 am

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The Tournémon, Part Two

We keep entertaining ourselves at Pork’s expense, but I think he’s largely come to terms with it. To the extent that any thought can germinate in his mind’s arrid clime, I’m not sure our repeated betrayals persist very long. At any given moment, snips of old G.I. Joe commercials or wholly imaginary animals might hold sway.

This is a mail I received from him today, and I need to emphasize that this has not been edited in any way. At least once a week we receive one of these "newsletters," where he howls from the mount like some ragged Pokestradamus. I should make it clear that I have no idea what a "Living Pokedex" is, or why a man should toil to create one.   


"On an update for the Living pokedex I’m creating, I’ve obtained 311 (but I’ll have more once the eggs hatch)…(wow..that sounds really creepy). I spent most of yesterday renaming all of the boxes in the PC and placing the pokemon in their correct box based off of their pokedex number…

Ok so check this out…there are 18 boxes in the PC, each having 30 slots for a grand total of 540 slots. I find it interesting for a few reasons which I will explain to you now. Mind you I’ve not researched this beyond what theory is in my head, so this might be me looking too closely at it because the game is driving me mad…you be the judge.

We know there are a total of 493 pokemon that you can get. This counts for all of the legendaries and the pokemon from all the other games. So check this out.

1. Unown: There are a total of 28 different characters. One for each letter in the alphabet and then the ! and ?

2. Deoxys: Deoxys has 4 forms. There are asteroids in Veilstone city that if you touch them with Deoxys in your party he’ll change which form he’s in.

3. Wormadam: Wormadam starts out as Burmy, depending on where you fight (in the forest, in a building, cave) they’ll get these different "cloaks" which if they stay in that cloak when they hit 20 (except for the male burmy) they become a "wormadam" but each is geared towards a different thing, I.e. Bug/Ground, Bug/Steel, etc…

Ok so what do all of these have in common? Regardless of the number you have, they all have the same pokedex entry number. I.e. Unown is 201 in the national dex. If you have the Unown that is the letter A its 201, if you have the ! it’s also 201. Deoxys regardless of form is always 386.

With all that and in addition to the variants that they have like the Shellos that has an East and a West version, same with Gastrodon. I’m pretty sure there is enough space to have an instance of each pokemon (not necessarily an instance with a male and female version). That or they just wanted to have enough space to hold all the pokemon and then give you some room to still store other things without messing up your collection.

I think that it ultimately has to do with literally ‘catching em all’."


I mean, there are profundities here. It’s like looking into a twisting hole in reality that has another hole inside it, snaking through the universe, and in this second hole a third hole is visible. In this third hole - should you look long enough - you can see your own death.

(CW)TB out.

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