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Tycho / on Fri, Aug 24 2007 at 12:00 am

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Harrowing, Says Gamespot

We still think about Eye of Judgment quite a bit - sometimes I will sit in silence and think about it, or think about it while I lay dormant in my charge casket.  I think about placing cards carefully on its luxurious cloth mat, smirking as distant foes are gnawed by my lizard proxies.  We are overjoyed (joymax!) that they stuck with the new concept, the card thing, as opposed to the brutally sardonic original.

I don’t like constantly being pushed to pre-order things, but there is also a point (it would be easy to graph) where I’m not willing to let fate’s whimsical machinery determine what I play.  So during a recent mall run I put down some money on whatever I could remember at the time - unscientifically, it was Metroid, Stranglehold, Halo, Stuntman, and Mass Effect.  This doesn’t account for everything between now and November, certainly, but it kind of felt like a quiz show and I was intimidated.  Then I remembered Eye of Judgement and its manifold pleasures, endeavoring to append it, listwise.  It was at this point that “John” told us that both the game and the Playstation Eye peripheral had been cancelled.

At this assertion Gabriel stood up straight and still, like a meerkat.

“No, it wasn’t,” said he, quietly.  A cold quiet, like space.

When I am confronted with mere distortions of facts, I can typically slice through them to the beating truth.  But when a person says something that is flatly false, this is very disorienting for some reason and I am without my mind’s full power.  Then the guy compounded things by saying they had very few preorders, and this was accompanied by a sneer, as though the number of preorders was some crucial consideration when assessing quality.  He actually thought it was funny that I wanted to buy it.

I wanted to ask him if he understood that a product not being available for preorder and a product not existing, or never being allowed to exist constituted profoundly different states, but these are the deep thoughts that occur to a person while they are tucking in at the food court and not when they are face to face with strange men at the EB.

When we returned from the store, almost as if on cue the product began to appear at online retailers - for sixty dollars.  Yes, that’s correct.  The Playstation Eye peripheral plus the card game, for ten dollars more than a Sixaxis?  I won’t say that I expected extortion, but I at least expected profit.  Assuming you have the Triple already in hand, they’re making the Eye (and Eye of Judgment) an easy decision.

Let me take a moment to welcome PAX attendees to this year’s celebration, even though it isn’t especially useful to readers in Glasgow.  I hope the new venue is to your liking.  Be kind to each other, even to your defeated foes!  And be kind to your Enforcers, for they have toiled in your service.


(CW)TB out. 

  in a beautiful world


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