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Gabe / on Fri, Sep 14 2007 at 1:07 pm

PSP 2000

I’m home sick today thanks to Tychoid Mary (Typhoid Jerry?) which
sucks because I feel like shit but is also awesome because I have a
chance to play a bunch of Jeanne D’ Arc.

I picked up the PSP slim last week and I’d say overall it’s an
improvement. The thing that really stands out about it is just how
light it is. My guess is Sony was pretty pissed they couldn’t call it
the PSP Light, because honestly that’s what it is. Other than the
dramatic weight loss it sports a much nicer directional pad and and
the ability to push video out to a TV. It lost the spring loaded disk
tray which is a shame. The new UMD drive feels cheap and seems like
it’s just waiting to break. The video out capabilities are nice but
you don’t have the option to run the game full screen. You actually
don’t have any options at all unlike the old GBA player for the Cube.
It looks good enough but the real bummer is that you are forced to use
the PSP as your controller.

Am I the only one who remembers how awesome the Nomad was? Essentially
is was a portable Genesis. You plugged regular Genesis carts into it
and you could play them on what at the time was a very nice little
screen. It also had video out so it functioned as a regular console as
well. The best part was that it had a regular controller port in the
bottom so it really was just like having a console you could pick up
and take with you. I’m really curious how hard it would have been to
let people sync a PS3 controller up to the PSP. See I actually
upgraded to the slim because of the video out. the remake of Final
Fantasy Tactics
drops next month and I never actually played the
original. I got into the series on the GBA and actually played it on
my Gamecube via the GBA player. Sitting back on my couch with my
wavebird I must have logged well over a hundred hours in that game. I
had fantasies of a similar experience with FF Tactics: The War of the