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Tycho / on Wed, Sep 26 2007 at 12:24 am

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How Do You Celebrate?

I’ve been au Canada at Hothead since Monday, making a final pass on the entire script and writing new stuff for things we managed to fit into the first ep.  After two days of this process, I feel as though my brain has been dragging a plough through a stubborn field.  Like every other part of this adventure, it’s been profoundly educational.  I enjoy it, but there is a constant electrical hum in my skull that I assume is the byproduct of creating a universe in real time. 

My cohort/nemesis Gabriel begins celebrating his own birthday from the moment September officially begins, and I firmly believe that these crass revelries would persist year round if he were not beaten.     

Usually I am near to the epicenter of the event, but I didn’t realize until this year that the day of his birth kicks off a suite of international fandangos.  Up until this point, I assumed it was largely a localized phenomenon.  I saw the occasional t-shirt, certainly.  I would sometimes pass a rickety cart laden with Gabriel-themed snacks.  But until this year, I’d never seen how they do it up norph.

Come back next year around this time to see how different world cultures celebrate this special day.   

I actually brought my 360 with me, but the system’s lack of a browser makes it almost impossible to set up in a nonstandard (i.e., hotel) environment.  Luckily, developers keep some pretty odd hours so I was able to tuck a couple rounds of Halo 3 in last night after completing Tuesday’s insane dialogue quota.   

I need to go back over my saved films just to verify those victories with the proper granularity.  We have star performers, to be sure, but our primary virtue is most likely that we have been playing games online for nearly a decade.  We aren’t the best Halo players, as you will discover to your delight if you are ever matchmade with us.  But we make an excellent team. 


(CW)TB out. 

  with his radio face off

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