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Gabe / on Fri, Dec 21 2007 at 10:25 am


***Pokemon Crap***

This is a reminder for those of you in the Arcadia Battle Academy. We are an official Pokemon league now. Starting at our next meeting on January 8th we should all be earning points towards our first gym badges. In order to do that though you’ll need to register with You can find a thread with the information in our forum here. Post your POP ID once you have it and Joe will add you to the league roster. We’ve got a great batch of regulars and it’s been awesome to watch the decks evolve from the basic starter pack into some really interesting stuff. We still have plenty of room for more people though. If you’re interested in joining the league just grab a starter deck and come down to the Comic Stop on January 8th between 6 and 8pm. We’ve still got plenty of beginners so don’t feel like you need to be a pro. We’re even happy to walk you through a couple games if you’ve never played before and don’t know the rules. I’ve gotten a lot of mail from people telling me they used to play the Pokemon TCg a long time ago but eventually got tired of it. I think it’s worth mentioning that WOTC who originally published the game no longer makes it. Back in 2003 the rights shifted over the the Pokemon Company and they now manage the game themselves. They are really doing some great work and I think breathing new life into the game. If you haven’t seen it in years I think it’s worth checking out the new expansions. Like I said, grab a starter deck and come join us some night. We’ll be happy to show you the game and if you get hooked like the rest of us all the better.

In related news I will be attending cities tomorrow in Mill Creek. This is one of many city wide tournaments held in Washington and it will be my first real sanctioned tournament. Those of you in the Battle Academy know what a pain in the ass the Gallade/Gardevoir combo has been. It’s a very popular deck and I expect to see it tomorrow more than once. In trying to decide how to beat a deck that uses your own support cards against you to set up incredibly fast I went through about twenty different deck ideas. Finally last week I hit on something that seems to work. I thought if the deck is using my support cards against me, what if I don’t use any support cards? Can a deck built entirely around a simple Pokemon line and carefully chosen trainers even work? It’s done extremely well against

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