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Tycho / on Fri, Dec 3 2021 at 12:01 am

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I know that I have certainly wondered why they don't just fuckin' 86 this Kotick guy. Life can be incredibly complex. Even an attempt to buy spaghetti sauce is confronted with an impossibility of options. Easy choices are an opportunity to celebrate, and this is the easiest one yet: Fire Bobby Kotick.

He could just leave, and he's said he would, if some specific thing he wholly defines doesn't happen within an amount of time he also wholly defines. That's, uh… huh. I don't know what that is. Not information, surely. If the pressures you or I are already aware of have been insufficient to peel him off his Golden Throne, I'm open to the idea that some pressure we don't know about could do it - but now it's a pride thing. And even if he's extracted, the result will be that he becomes wealthier than you, and me, and every other person we know combined as a result of that exile. I am a very imaginative person, I'm literally imaginative in a professional capacity, and even I have a hard time spinning that as a W but this motherfucker has to go. He should have been gone even before they got into his own shit.

So, it's clearly the right play, the stock is in the shitter, and he won't do it unless he's moved to do so by some alien ray from another universe. Why is it like this? Why haven't his hideous, bat-winged coterie strapped him to a rocket purely out of self-interest? Well, they were made profoundly wealthy by their proximity to him, and they started out occupying an echelon of wealth and privilege that is frankly beyond our ability to conceive it. They actually own the things people rent to flex, and you've never fucking heard of them. Their rarified position doesn't comfort them, it actually makes them incredibly insular and superstitious. They don't really understand how any of it works and they're terrified to lose it. Kotick isn't responsible for this organization's success, but he was there when it happened; I swear to God, it's at that level. At the apex, and in the valley, a kind of mysticism holds sway. They can't hold him accountable without threatening a suite of fundamental beliefs about themselves, others, and the world they rule.

If you were ever wondering why… everything is so bad, hopefully that will help you model the arc. It is, in part, because our masters live in a parallel dimension.

(CW)TB out.

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