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Tycho / on Wed, Feb 6 2008 at 12:50 am

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We Are Only Trying To Help

Turbulence surrounding the compulsory installation of the PS3’s Devil May Cry 4, a procedure which is epic in length, was eventually answered by the scuttling drones of the official Capcom Blog.  Their response, only loosely interpreted, is that complaining about it is dumb - and if you complain about it, then you are dumb

We crafted a comic on the subject, more out of a sense of civic duty than of any genuine feelings of betrayal.  This is precisely the sort of thing that gets hauled out to show the 360 in a bad light, but until I pick the game up at lunch I couldn’t say if pulling the game off the DVD is actually onerous.  For me, the graphical tearing of the 360 version (put forward by this 1up preview) is more dire.  I’ll buy both versions when I head out later today. 

There’s no way to transform "faster load times" into a black eye for the Playstation 3 version.  It’s an incredible option, and I’d love to see this option present on the 360, seeing as I paid more for a fixed disc.  I’d love to do more with the peripheral than buy movies I can never own.  At the same time, I’d like installs to be something I’m empowered to do, as opposed to something that is made a necessity.  It’s something we discuss briefly in today’s podcast - committing a sizable portion of my console to each game is not something I want to become a standard practice.  For me, it’s not consistent with the role of a gaming appliance.  That’s not what attracts me to those platforms.         

Installed Sins of a Solar Empire on the Night Engine yesterday, to see if it would be something we’d consider advertising.  Uh… yes.  Yes.  Yes a thousand times over.  This is why it’s nice to work with a smaller company, because if they want to advertise something on your site, they’re not pulling from some budget a year in advance of the game’s release.  Stardock sent a full, boxed retail copy of the title and asked if we’d be willing to promote that, as opposed to some theoretical game they might be making in the future.  I’ll talk more about it on Friday, but I am kind of bowled over by this thing.  That someone would pay me to recommend a game as entertaining as Sins of a Solar Empire is really the most ridiculous kind of crap.

I have been told to reveal to you that we have a new version of the Heartris shirt, a women’s version called a "Raglan."  It’s got plus to Strength and Stamina, and also has a chance on hit to heal the wearer.  This is a shirt for that Warrior in your life. 

I am told that a "Raglan" is a kind of shirt (?). 

(CW)TB out.

  a sign of my declining mind

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