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Tycho / on Fri, Feb 29 2008 at 10:29 am

Are You Ready To Wrock

I think we’ve got the concerts for PAX pretty well lined up, but I’m always trying to massage the lineup, and I spent part of the afternoon educating myself about W(izard)rock - the odd metagenre/community devoted to Harry Potter.  This is easily done, provided you have sufficient time and interest, by visiting either (naturally) or by availing yourself of the Wizrocklopedia.  I can’t jam in anymore bands this year, not even if I stack them sideways, but I’m keeping an eye on this shit.  I especially enjoyed Ministry of Magic‘s Snape vs Snape, which features awesome guest vocals from Seattle locals The Parselmouths

It’s unfortunate that Melt Wizard is no longer a going concern.  I’d fly them out just to play Weis & Hickman over and over. 

On the HP tip, you may also find this trailer interesting: We Are Wizards is a documentary about the surge of fan works dedicated to the series, including Brad Neely‘s profound Wizard People, Dear Readers.  I was under the impression that I liked Harry Potter quite a lot, but I may have been mistaken.


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