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Gabe / on Fri, Mar 14 2008 at 10:33 am

New Shirts

We have new shirts for you to buy.

The first new shirt is more of a shirt refresh really. I felt like the old Fruit Fucker design was getting a little stale. I draw him different now and I thought the shirt should reflect that.

You’ve probably heard me mention Imaginary Friends before. They’ve colored a lot of our projects and they’ve helped out with some of the artwork for our game. I was really curious what they would come up with for a Penny Arcade shirt design. They sent us this and I was fucking blown away. This might be my new favorite shirt.

We’ve also added "playlists" to the store. They are sort of like playlists for songs only these are for comics. Right now the only two available are mine and Tycho’s top five comics. Eventually we’d like to get more playlists in there from different people.

I guess they were sick of hearing me talk about Pokemon, so a friend sent me some starter decks for the WoW TCG. I was reluctant to try it since I thought it would sort of be like cheating on Pokemon. Eventually I gave in though and Tycho and I gave it a try. I’m still new to the game but I’ve moved past the starter deck phase and I built my own deck. I wasn’t sure what to do so I actually built a resto druid just like my actual WoW character. I’m really impressed with how closley they were able to make the systems in the TCG match the computer game. Abilities and classes work exactly like you would expect them to so if you are familiar with the PC game the card game makes a lot of sense.

I will say that it’s way more complicated than what I’m used to. I never played Magic or anything besides Pokemon so this is a huge step up in terms of complexity. I’m not sure the added complexity actually makes it more "fun" but it does make it interesting and right now that combined with my affection for the brand is enough to keep me playing it. We talked about it here in the office and Tycho said that the WoW TCG is like dinner and Pokemon is like dessert. I think that’s a great way of putting it. Pokemon feels light and fun while the WoW game feels…substantial.

We’re going to try and get a group together tomorrow night to play the Molten Core raid deck. I’ll let you know how that goes.

-Gabe out

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