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Gabe / on Mon, Jul 14 2008 at 10:53 am

I got a lot of mail from people asking if we would be making prints of the Paint the Line series. I guess I only mentioned it once so it shouldn’t surprise me that some people don’t know that you can purchase a print of almost any comic in the archive. Just look for the “buy a print” button underneath the comic strip.

Since PTL was such a popular storyline and there are so many comics in it, we’ve put together a special package for people looking to pick up the entire series. You can find it here in our store. If you want all of them, you save about fifteen bucks by getting the package. We also have an Armadeaddon package in there that will save you about twenty bucks. These are all really nice 11x17 prints based on my original PSD files. In fact I actually started working at 600 DPI rather than 300 about 6 months ago just so that the prints would look even sharper. 

We’ve also added greeting cards to the store. These are custom cards based on some of our more popular panels. We’ve put together packages based on things like “violence” and “supporting characters” but you can also just go in and make your own pack based on the artwork you want. You can even customize the cards if customizing cards is something your into. The entire process has a pretty slick interface and you can check it out right here.

Since I totally forgot to do it for Emerald City I figured I should make a point of mentioning that we will be at San Diego Comic Con at the end of the month. Just like every other year we’ll have a booth full of our stuff and some cool con exclusives. Signatures and sketches are always free and except for the occasional bathroom break we try and spend the entire show at the booth.

Also if you haven’t seen it yet, there is a Penny Arcade parody over in Sunday’s Foxtrot. Bill is a great guy and definitely one of the top three shaman in our guild.

-Gabe out

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