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Tycho / on Mon, Aug 18 2008 at 12:00 am

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Bogey Golf, Part Two Of Thirty

Still having some trouble with the new site, we we’re still running on this old thing.  I think you’ll really like it: there are golf score tickers, and also there is audio, so that you when you click a link you feel like you are playing the fifth hole at Sawgrass.  Here’s the new Bogey Golf.  We’re bringing the same savage honesty to the world of golf that we brought to the games industry, and the heat may be such that you can’t endure it.  I’m currently reading a book of links “lingo” that I’ll be using to season my posts, but until that day we can discuss Force Unleashed without referencing “The Big Dog (which I guess would be a Rancor in this context).”

The Force Unleashed Demo is nothing less than communion for Star Wars fandom.

You can slice the experience down in a number of ways, and that assertion holds:  the ritual, the reverence, and the recognition are all there.  I like Star Wars, or perhaps I like the idea of Star Wars, or maybe I like the Star Wars that my mind populates the margins of the movies with.  But watching Gabe play through this demo - and I am not fucking kidding you - five times, in rapid succession, the gulf between our predilections yawned.

It’s crucial that we establish the parameters of this statement:  I’m referring very specifically to the demo, and not some full retail product of which I have no knowledge.  What I’m saying is that they have offered up a molecule of some very large ideas, and if this structure scales, genuine enthusiasm for the title is the natural and correct response.  It respects enthusiasts by delivering something that takes Star Wars as seriously as they do.  If there are any Gungans in this game, I assume they’re only there to be cut in half.

It’s a brawler where you can levitate a person, throw a lightsaber into them, push them away with the force and have your returning energy sword kill two other guys.  The demo hints at weapon customization, but this element isn’t exposed.  The force powers turn every room into a playground, finding out what comes off, what breaks, and (thanks to their sometimes freakily believable materials system) what warps or bends.  Lore fans (such as myself) will enjoy the groundwork being laid in.  Everyone else will enjoy being incredibly mean to people who might not entirely deserve it.

I would urge you not to go to Gametrailers and watch any of the new videos, because looking over the list it looks like they have recorded absolutely every second of the experience. The demo simply isn’t long enough to endure this kind of cataloging, and waiting for the official release will improve your life.

(CW)TB out.  

i don’t know if we’re even winning

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