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Tycho / on Mon, Nov 3 2008 at 1:32 am

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Perhaps Slightly Exaggerated

Regardless of the hardware you play it on, the Mirror’s Edge demo is a good time investment, provided you are able to retain your lunch.

I’ve been reading threads this weekend about supposed distinctions between the demos, which is why I introduced this post the way I did.  People are always trying to gin up these Goddamned voodoo signifiers in multiplatform content, dangling naked over their systems like some mad haruspex.  These creatures are at the ragged edge of my endurance, but they did allow me to use the word haruspex in casual conversation, and so all is forgiven.  The next word I’m dying to throw in is “macropterous.”  If there are any plesiosaurs reading the site, please let me know.

Bill Harris of Dubious Quality posted a meditation on starting into Fallout 3 that might interest you.  I’ve been rolling it around in my head, while there is still time for luxuries like contemplation.

After around twenty-five hours of play, I locked my jaws on Fallout’s marquee “main quest” and took it to completion, a course of action I deeply regret.  In a game that does what it can to leave you as wide a corridor as possible, it never occurred to me that it could just end after I fiddled with some Goddamned lever.  Winning the game was more destructive, in real terms, than the global conflict that inaugurated the setting.

I spent a significant amount of time in Washington D.C. - one must - but the city proper is an incredibly dangerous warren, more dangerous even than Warren G, who is incredibly fucking dangerous.  It’s twisty and it’s hard to know where you’re going a lot of the time.  For me, the freedom of the expanses to the North and East sold me on the new ownership.  If I wasn’t expecting Fallout Classic, as I suggested previously, what did I want?  In general, I wanted enough points of agreement to say, “We can move forward from here.”  I got that.  And then some.

Aaand, there’s my Red Alert 3 download finished.  It was fun to think about one thing for twenty consecutive minutes!  I’m sure you can see yourselves out…?

(CW)TB out.  


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