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Gabe / on Mon, Dec 1 2008 at 12:55 pm

New Laser Cell

Tycho mentioned this last week but I just wanted to make my own post about it. 

I think this is probably my favorite of all the Laser Cells we’ve done. The very first Twisp and Catsby one is a very close second. Maybe it’s all the characters in this one or maybe it’s the fact that I can see so much of the stuff I learned making my paintings reflected in this piece. There’s just something about this one that I really like.

Anyway, the cell is ready to go and in the store now. With the matt it measures 18"x24” and will run you 84.99. Each one has a little plaque with the Penny Arcade logo and the number of your print engraved on it. It also includes a signature card signed by Tycho and I. Both of these are embedded in the matt. You’ll also get a certificate of authenticity that uh…certifies the authenticity of the piece.

only 750 of these are being made available to the public and last I heard 300 had already been sold. If you want one for yourself or you think it would make a great gift, you should probably snap it up quick

-Gabe out

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