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Gabe / on Mon, Dec 8 2008 at 9:43 am


Well I’m done accepting dickerdoodle entries as of right now. I’ve got about 300 here to sort through so choosing a winner might take me a bit. I’m also going to work on setting up some kind of gallery so you can check out all the great submissions.

I will say that this year’s entries were more…intense than last year’s. I am 100% convinced that I could open a pay site right now, with pictures of girls performing simulated sex acts on desserts and make a fortune. I’ve got pictures here of girls blindfolded, surrounded by dickerdoodles and covered in frosting. I’ve got pictures of guys with cookies hanging out of their pants and girls all around them on their hands and knees. I have an inbox full of what can only be described as hard core cookie porn. Please note that I am not complaining.

Obviously this is some extremely NSFW content. There’s no actual nudity in any of these, but someone walking by your desk might not instantly grasp the subtle difference between a girl caked in a mixture of sugar and corn syrup vs. actual baby batter. For that reason I probably won’t be posting many of these here on the front page. Instead I’ll try and work up a separate gallery that I can link too. 

With the charity dinner coming up tomorrow I may need a couple days to get all this sorted out. I should have a winner and a gallery by the end of the week. I should also probably look into the legal ramifications of posting underage pastry porn.

-Gabe out

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