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Gabe / on Mon, Feb 2 2009 at 10:46 am

New York!

I just wanted to post another reminder that we’ll be attending the New York Comic Con this week. If you live over on that side of the country you should come by and say hello. We’ll be doing some panels while we’re there. One will be our standard Q&A style event and the other will be a little more interesting. I’ve mentioned before that Tycho and I like to go to schools and teach kids how to draw cartoons. Well we’re actually going to try and do that as a panel in New York. I’ll be teaching the kids how to draw some simple cartoon characters while Tycho talks to them about writing jokes and telling stories. The few times we’ve done this locally it’s been a real hit and I’m excited to try it out at the show.

My D&D game continues to go well. My players seem to be having a really good time and I’m enjoying the role of DM. I decided to use the map of the Nentir Valley from the DMG but I’ve been making my own story there. I’m using some of the NPC’s the book suggests but tweaking everything to fit my grand scheme. It’s been really fun but also a ton of work and I’ve decided to take a “break” of sorts and roll my party into the Thunderspire Mountain adventure. I picked this up last week and I’ve been reading through it to prepare for our next game. I’m really impressed with the production quality and from what I can tell I think my players will have a good time there. The only gripe I have is that the map they give you only covers a few of the major encounters. This wouldn’t be such a big deal except that the other encounters don’t really fit with any of the dungeon tiles WOTC has put out. 

I understand that I can just draw the maps out on a grid but I like the tiles and I think my players do to. I don’t see why they wouldn’t design these pre-written adventures to work with their existing sets of dungeon tiles. Or even release a set of “Thunderspire Labyrinth” Tiles that were designed to work with the adventure but could also stand on their own. 

Thankfully I discovered a site called the Cartographers’ Guild. I was able to find custom made maps for all the encounters that the book lists but the included map doesn’t cover. Once again I understand that I’m new to this D&D thing but this is already the second time I’ve had to turn to the community to deliver something that WOTC should. 

-Gabe out

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