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Tycho / on Wed, Jul 29 2009 at 1:34 pm

On Being A Language Foundry

My deepest fantasy is that, in my meanderings on this site, we will produce a piece of language that is useful to you.  Not a slogan; not a quip or a retort, though if we do happen to provide those I’m happy to be of service.  What I actually want to do is to create a useful linguistic tool that will improve your life, or has a life of its own, used over and over until the original source has been completely filed away. 

That represents real success, as I define it: ubiquity and anonymity, in equal measure. 

It was such an intense pleasure this last week to see how many people wanted sketches of Carl Swangee.  Some knew him as Carl, some as “The Robot,” and some - just as people in the universe of Automata would - knew him only as a “Swangee Man.”  We’re starting work on Automata very soon, and I’m doing some preliminary stuff now.  But the affection of readers for the nascent setting was incredibly gratifying.


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