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Gabe / on Mon, Sep 14 2009 at 3:05 pm

Down but not out

I’m alive. I don’t know if I had the dreaded swine flu but whatever I had, it was brutal. It started as a flu and somewhere along the way morphed into a really bad head cold which I am still trying to recover from.  After PAX everyone here at PA takes a little vacation together. Normally I would have spent the last week working on extra comics so you all wouldn’t notice any interruption in service. The PAX Pox kept me from doing that though and so we’ve lined up a series of guest comics.  Before I go I wanted to point you towards a few different things we’ve got going on.

-If you pre-order Tekken 6 you can get a CTS costume for Yoshimitsu. Namco posted some videos recently so you can see what it looks like. I’ve been a fan of Tekken since I imported it for my PS1. Anyone else remember the toothpick trick that would let you fool your PS1 into thinking the lid was closed and so allow you to run imported games? Those were the days.

-New pages for our Tekken 6 comic are continuing to go up. Drawings by me and colors by today’s guest artist Hawk.

-The second page of our eight page Dragon Age comic is now live. If you’re looking forward to this game the comic will actually give you some perspective on not only the Templars but a few of the other main players.

Also I wanted to post a quick list of some of my favorite things from PAX this year.

Arcane Legions- This is a really fun table top strategy game. It’s extremely easy to get into and just smartly designed.

Dominion - This is sort of like a CCG except that all the cards come in the box and constructing your deck is actually the game.

Split Second - Didn’t get a lot of time with this game at the show but the little I played was a blast.

God of War III - This is a reason to own a PS3.

Diablo III - I intended to sneak into the exhibition hall early and play a bunch of different games. I went to Diablo III first though and after 45 minutes I was out of time.

Thanks to everyone that came to the show this year and made it so amazing. However, I do have a suggestion for PAX East Coast. Instead of handshakes I think that we as a community need to adopt a new greeting that does not involve physical contact. Something like a salute or a crisp head nod. I’m just saying, it couldn’t hurt.

-Gabe out

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