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Tycho / on Fri, Sep 18 2009 at 12:00 am

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Penny Arcade (by Kris Straub)

Kris Straub is my hero, which makes being friends with him difficult if not altogether impossible.  If orders something at Taco Bell - perhaps a Double Decker - and I offer to chew and even digest the product for him, that isn’t an offer that reinforces that easy equanimity which true friendships embody.

He offered up today’s excursion, between updating one of his two daily strips and monitoring his coiffure for sheen and tensile strength.  There is nothing about him which does not epitomize beauty.

Perhaps it is because the holiday onslaught is about to begin, but some manic force has been set loose in my mind, and I have begun to gorge - consumption on every conceivable axis.  Here, then: a diary.

- I purchased a game yesterday called Gratuitous Space Battles, solely because it was called Gratuitous Space Battles.  Or at any rate I preordered it, and was given access to the ongoing beta.  If you would like to read what Britain has to say on the topic, click’st thou here.  There is considerable fiddling left to do on the game yet, a process the developer catalogues with great openness.

- I may be unique among hominids in that I like the Zune, and even though my iPhone has usurped that hardware’s natural purpose I’ve still found the service to be of use.  Gripped by the previously described consumptivitis, and out in the world ostensibly to secure food for my family, I could find no shop that even carried the Zune HD in case I wanted to make a ridiculous, opulent, and thoroughly unnecessary acquisition.  Most places had no idea what I was talking about, the ones who did no longer carried “The Zune Family Of Products,” and Best Buy claimed to have been sold out.  I’d spent a considerable amount of time devouring reviews of the new device, which many reviewers have a high opinion of, but I saw something exceedingly strange in the Engadget account: for some reason, when applications are run on the device, Microsoft decided this would be an awesome time to show people a Goddamned advertisement.

That is the kind of boardroom wisdom which punctures whimsy.  In that instant, my erection flagged.

(CW)TB out.

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