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Gabe / on Fri, Nov 27 2009 at 2:18 pm

Child’s Play Update!

If my life was a newspaper you could say that these two comics were “ripped from the headlines”. I still have flash backs about my time at Toys R Us and Circuit City. I saw grown women get into fist fights over Tickle Me Elmo. I was cursed out on Christmas Eve for not having Holiday Barbie when the stupid thing had been sold out since June, and just like the comic I’ve been told a million times to “check in the back.”

It was my job to take the things that were in the back and put them in the front. We could not sell them if they were in the back. I would try and explain that I had already spent the morning stocking the shelves and my hunch was that (as crazy as this sounds) other people must have come and bought them all.

Customers think that behind that employee only door is some kind of Willy Wonka style wonderland where toys grow on trees. Chances are when you ask someone to check in the back, they go to the break-room and get a coke. I’d treat it like a little break, talk to my friends back in the warehouse, get a snack and then come out and shrug “Sorry,” I’d say “It’s not in the back.”

I also have a Child’s Play update for you. As of today we’ve collected a mind splintering $748,312.10. That is up from $542,107.01 last week. I’d like to give some special recognition to the Desert Bus crew, who managed to raise $132,392.94 this year. You can’t tell because this is the internet, but I am standing up and applauding.

-Gabe out

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