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Tycho / on Fri, Dec 4 2009 at 2:27 pm

Additional Children And Playing

As Gabe mentioned above, Child’s Play has already cracked a million dollars this year - earlier than any previous drive.  Indeed, it has grown with such vigor that it can’t even be represented on the main site, because Kiko didn’t make the bar big enough.  He made a shamefully small bar, and now we’ve all been made to suffer.  I’m certain that he felt that he could comfortably move into December with this common bar, one that only goes up to a million, but he was wrong wronga wrong wrong.

Umloud(!) is coming up next week, and their Harmonix-provided freeplay machines should be dense with rocking.  In order to rock at the maximum level, though - that is to say, on the mainstage at the DNA Lounge - donations are required.  Take a look at the packages they’ve got, and see which one is right for your band.

Ryan (over at Giant Bomb) let me know that they have fashioned an “Oscar Mike” garment for the cause, with all profits funneled into the heaving coffers of Child’s Play.  Quality gents, those guys.


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