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Tycho / on Mon, Jan 18 2010 at 12:00 am

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Fundamental Assertions

It falls to us to explain some pretty elemental shit on occasion, a task I relish.  The version I gave my own son was (for lack of a better term) rendered at a substantially higher resolution.

I have been trying to discern exactly why I have warmed so to my Avatar on the 360, why I like him and want the best for him.  Something Avatars have over their Home counterparts is that they exist as a part of the base experience - I don’t need to “go” somewhere to see it.  This means that items purchased for them fall under the same conceptual space as themes: it is a dress-up Doppelganger, my jolly adjunct.

Originally consigned to the damn’d vault of Hell along with quote unquote premium horse clothes, I never thought I’d be the kind of lawless brigand who’d avail myself of electronic doll shit - until, one day, I began to think of these purchases as tips.  If I go to Tacos Guaymas and get a burrito, that person gets a tip.  It’s tip time.  But if Casey Hudson (et al) gives me the opportunity to ensoul a paragon of humanity, and I live thus for nearly a day of real time, he gets a double thumbs up, or maybe the finger guns?  I like pork, but I don’t like pork more than I like decapitating xenomorphs, and that’s something I’m happy to recognize with a couple bucks.

Microsoft is finally gearing up to manifest Live Anywhere, a spectral initiative which has howled nightly in its dereliction.  Understand that this is something Gabriel and I “saw” in 2006, “running” on an “actual phone,” an application which we may now assume had the filename “lies.exe.”  Or maybe not lies as such, but a notion that exists as something less than a pure directive and is more like an inclination.  The business needed to make money, though, and so vending digital merchandise took center stage while finding out what the fuck Steve is doing took a back seat.

What has changed to make such a unification the right maneuver?  Whence the money?

There were, at one point, elements of the Periodic Table whose existence we could only infer.  To be frank, a phone running Windows Mobile 7 can’t (can’t, can’t) be the extent of their mobility narrative.  Unless they’re dumb, which they aren’t.  So, again: what do they have writhing in the periphery which has returned noble Steve to the fore?

(CW)TB out.

he’ll give you breathing holes

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