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Gabe / on Wed, Mar 3 2010 at 12:02 pm

The Name Of The Wind

Tycho told me to read a book the other day and I told him to tear out all of the pages and shove each one individually up his butt-hole. He didn’t do that. Instead he opened the book to chapter near the beginning and told me to read just that chapter, only about four pages. I flipped the book over and read the back.

“THE NAME OF THE WIND won’t just impress longtime fantasy fans; it will absolutely blow them away—an unprecedented, utterly breathtaking storytelling tour de force.”

I kept reading things like the greatest story told in either books or film in the last ten years and rolled my eyes. Tycho turned it back over and handed to me. “just read this one chapter.” he said.  I read the chapter and then immediately purchased the book on my kindle. If this Patrick Rothfuss guy could do that in four pages I had no choice but to read the rest. I am only about halfway through it now but that’s because I am trying to pace myself. I don’t want to finish it because then I will have to leave this incredible world he has build and who knows when I’ll get to come back.

It turns out that Patrick is a huge PA fan. In fact he posts in our forums which I guess makes him a bigger PA fan that me. He sent us a free copy of his latest book which sadly is not part two of the Kingkiller Chronicle. This book is actually called The Princess and Mr. Whiffle and it has nothing to do with killing kings or the chronicles such a deed might spawn. This is actually a creepy/funny story in the style of a children’s book. It turns out that Patrick Rothfuss is a good writer no matter what he’s doing. It’s a quick little read but funny and I recommend you pick it up along with his fantasy epic The Name of The Wind.

-Gabe out

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