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Gabe / on Wed, Apr 21 2010 at 10:27 am

Games are art

I get mail every day asking us to weigh in on this Roger Ebert thing. It’s really not worth getting worked up about in my opinion. Of course video games are art. They are nothing but art. They are art piled on top of more art.

As Tycho mentioned, Ebert is simply filling a role played out by art critics throughout history. There was the newspaper headline back in 1959 with regards to Jackson Pollock’s work that said “This is not art — it’s a joke in bad taste.” It’s a funny line but time has proven it was also completely wrong. Ebert has thrown his hat in with the rest of the short sighted critics who would rather debate what is or isn’t art, rather than simply enjoy the work of artists.

So Ebert says games aren’t art. That does not make it true. I say games are art and last time I checked, I was beating Michelle Obama, Oprah and Taylor swift in Time’s 100 most influential people list.

-Gabe out

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