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Tycho / on Fri, Aug 27 2010 at 12:01 am

Meet Your Omeganauts

The wardrums have already begun to pound, and if you are able to interpret the message encoded deep in their rhythm, you’ll hear a tale of warriors - and their terrible battlegrounds.  The warriors I was referring to are:

1.       Will Atkinson

2.       Noah Callaway

3.       Richard Pastrick

4.       Joseph Berg

5.       Kellyn Wolff

6.       Matthew Senne

7.       Steven Schneider

8.       Andrew Thivyanathan

9.       Kirsten Mitchell

10.   Andrei Krotkov

11.   David Levin

12.   Bryce Patten

13.   Michael Bower

14.   Tom Loughead

15.   Eric Chon

16.   Deborah Davis

17.   Brandon Caroll

18.   Christopher McMahon

19.   Alan Dobler

20.   ???????????

And the blood-soaked battlegrounds being:

Round 1: Zombie Dice

Round 2: Bomberman Live

Round 3: Beautiful Katamari


Round 5: Puzzle Bobble

Final Round: ???

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