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Tycho / on Mon, Nov 1 2010 at 12:00 am

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Queen Of Bells

A long time ago, I made a song in the game Jam Sessions called My Belruel.  The song is more or less about falling in love with your in-game character, but it’s part of a larger story framework that already has several more songs to its credit.  It’s somewhat elaborate, but given Gabriel’s execution today on Queen of Bells I think we’re up to it.  Would you like to learn more about this young woman?  It can be simply arranged.

So, that is the balance of our offering:  Queen of Bells, The New Kid, and Sand.  We have no opinion regarding which we’d like to do first, and in a rare maneuver for egotists of our stature we relinquish the rudder entirely into your collective metagrip.  I feel strongly that we can please you, regardless of the choice, and if it’s anything like last time we’ll end up doing two of them anyway.  Meditate on them, and when the voting booth appears later this week, make your will known.

Humans are always asking us if we ever get tired of doing “Penny Arcade,” which is a reasonable question, but from here inside the mechanism it doesn’t all hook up conceptually.  It would be like asking if we get tired of eating “food.”  The one thing you may rely upon when it comes to our work is that it will be

1. self-indulgent,

though it may also be gruesome or oblivious, or gruesome and oblivious, depending on the day.  “Penny Arcade” doesn’t have a firm definition, it’s a container object that represents our generalized creative output.  We make whatever we want to make, which (luckily for us) generally means .jpegs about videogames, but it can also be morality plays about imps and businesscats, samurai with paper tubes, technoir, or any other Goddamned thing.  I don’t entirely know how it works, and I don’t entirely know why you stay, but this arrangement appears to work for both of us. And, as I have suggested on many other occasions, you can’t beat the price.


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