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Tycho / on Wed, Feb 2 2011 at 1:25 pm

Armored Core 5

To this day, any conversational lull between Kiko and I invariably turns to Chromehounds.

That’s right: boring old four-out-of-ten, six-out-of-ten Chromehounds.  A sim out of time, washed up on the strange shore of a system in its infancy.  If we may judge a game by how many stories it has generated, and generated, and are still being told, Chromehounds is my favorite game of all time.  There’s no comparison.

I like Armored Core games generally, like to build robots, I like acquiring targets and directing ordnance.  But after Chromehounds - a game which was about your squad at its core, a squad of people, who could have just as much fun designing machines and trading schematics all night as they could fighting anybody - it felt like it was missing something.  Armored Core 5 wants to split the difference, with an online, team-based focus and asymmetrical “commander” role to direct traffic.  I can’t wait to find out more.

Also from…  From, there’s a trailer up for Dark Souls, the multiplatform follow up to the incredible Demon’s Souls.  I feel another brutal holiday coming on.


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