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Tycho / on Mon, May 9 2011 at 12:00 am

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A Gentlemen’s Evening

I can still mount a token resistance, usually, but the reality is that seeing movies is a way to sit in a dark room and eat sugar for two full hours somewhere that my tubercular larvae can’t penetrate.

The “movie” is hardly relevant.  If I see a movie, and it ends up being good, well, that’s just the frosting on top of another layer of frosting.

I’m still coming to terms with the idea that there’s going to be a new Deus Ex game.  It’s been open knowledge for quite some time now, and a string of increasingly detailed clips certainly seem to gesture at its existence; I saw a video for a game calling itself Deus Ex which detailed what purports to be some kind of new Deus Ex.  It even looks good; if there were going to be one, and I’m not saying there is, I would be happy if it looked like this.

Even as a satirist, there’s no savor in the PSN story anymore.  I’m like a hyena on this motherfucker, holding down a femur with my paws and licking out the stuff, but there isn’t anything left in there.  Now it’s just bad, and not bad in a way that is ironical or has nutrient-rich marrow.  This shirt was entirely designed to be ridiculous by the time you got it - it was meant to be a moment you could wear, a quick memento from the gift shop in Hell.  Now it’s some kind of statement, one that could at be at least partially true until the end of the month.

I should say that I don’t entirely believe that; I think this is one of those things like the Apple install bar, where it goes super slow for a long time and then goes ZEEOWN all the way to the end.  It’s an opportunity, I believe, to create a few bursting surprises within a heretofore gruesome scenario.

I thought it had gotten pretty confusing before, but that was in the mists of history, before a guy said something and then another guy was all but then a wizard appeared and was like “Gaze ye upon Zigurd, who is the World-Smith” and a bunch of other shit.  I don’t think it’s possible to know anything about it, and they won’t actually say, but interrupting them now could be dangerous.  They’re engaged in divination, and even a kind of resurrection, both of which are the typically domain of sorcerers.

(CW)TB out.

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