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Gabe / on Thu, Jun 2 2011 at 10:28 am

New Shirt!

We have a new T-shirt available in the store. The new design has Gabe making what I like to call his “hipster-douchebag” face. In the comic he was talking about free-range pokemon but we’ve given you some blank spaces to flaunt your own indie cred.

I got a mail last week from Paul of Paul and Storm and he directed my attention towards a recent tweet of his.

They decided to fill in the blanks themselves implying that we stole the shirt idea from them. They even went so far as to suggest that we “suck it.” In his email he goes on to say:

“Just playin’ with you guys…”

I certainly appreciate him starting some shit and I am more than happy to “play” along. However I’d like to point out that I’ve been starting shit on the Internet since before they made their first Weird Al cover band.

So your twitter was cute but here is how a pro does it:

First of all I want to thank Paul for sending me an email with a link to his twitter (I can never remember, is he the one that doesn’t talk?) . I think that sort of defeats the purpose of twitter but to be fair, I would not have seen it otherwise. If you insult someone on your twitter and they don’t read it does it make a noise?

Obviously we didn’t steal the idea from Paul and Storm but that doesn’t really matter. They are upset and I think an apology is owed. So here it is: Dear Jonathan Coulton, I am very sorry for angering your pet musicians.

-Gabe out

Okay I can’t actually leave it like that. I love these guys too much. In fact one of my favorite moments from PAX East involved Paul and Storm. PAX is obviously a crazy time for me and I’m always really stressed out. I had ducked into the main theater during the Paul and Storm sound check to sit down and chill out for a few minutes. After a song Storm walked over and sat down next to me, he looked over and with a completely straight face asked “So, where do you get your ideas from?”

I stared at him for a few seconds waiting for him to break and when he didn’t my mind started to spin. Was he seriously asking me this? Then he cracked and both of us lost it. That little moment was so funny that I walked out of the theatre smiling. So as much as I love giving people shit I just can’t do it to these guys with a straight face.

-Gabe out (for real)

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