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Gabe / on Mon, Aug 15 2011 at 2:05 pm


I’ve talked before about the way advertising works being a little different on PA. Tycho and I have to approve any ads that you see here on the site. For games that are still a long ways off we try and get early builds. For existing games one of us always checks it out first. We try very hard to make sure that we’re showing you stuff that’s actually worth checking out. We also do the Penny Arcade presents projects. That includes things like the Assassins Creed pre-order poster, or the Dragon Age comics. One thing we don’t do is sell space in the actual comic strip or the news post. That means that when you see a bunch of comics about League of Legends it is because we are playing it every night and having a blast, not because we got a check.

So now we actually have some LOL ads on the site and I could not be happier about it. In all honestly Riot could have sat back and let us keep making strips and posts about their game for weeks for free and I would not blame them. We’ve actually had companies in the past tell us that they don’t want to buy ads because we talk about their game already on the site. So I want to say a big thanks to Riot and I’d like to ask you guys to click on the ads and go check out LOL. It’s a free game so you’ve got nothing to lose.

-Gabe out

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