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Tycho / on Wed, Aug 24 2011 at 12:00 am

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This Dilapidated Universe

Deus Ex has questions, certainly; that is its basic idea.  It has questions about things, and for you, and it also trains you to ask questions of your own about the spaces you inhabit and the events that transpire there.

As soon as this trailer hit, it should have been pretty clear that we were no longer in fuck around territory; it should have become clear that shit was getting progressively more real.  Good God does this game get a hook in, and early.  We do not twinkle in the critical firmament, as others do: I got the game when you did, so I’m in no position to hold forth.  But the game has set up shop in my mind, it hums and clangs when I desperately need this mind for other purposes.

The original version of the strip had a typo, which have come to be known as “Tychpos” by the streaming channel, on account of their origin.  I have replaced the original strip with a “fixed” one against my better judgement.  The first one had duplicate words in it, which means more content, and hence more value to the end consumer.

For this I will not apologize, you’ll never get me copper, etc.

After emerging from a prolonged darkness in which there was only Halo, Bungie emerged blinkingly from that place and then decided they would act as Publisher for mobile and social games for some reason.  That’s their prerogative; they can do what they want ta do.  Where I start to pay attention is when they start getting friendly with weirdo factories like Harebrained Schemes, which I’d heard about due to their Transmedia Poe Experience because that is the kind of thing I hear about.

While the stories I’ve read have mentioned the the first collaboration between these two - specifically, Crimson: Steam Pirates - they haven’t made a point of mentioning the involvement of storied bad-ass and Crimson Skies creator Jordan Wiesman, who I guarantee has brought you joy beyond measure.  Nor have they drawn the obvious parallels between this game and Steambirds, which you can tell from the screens it is thoroughly, er, “inspired” by.  There’s a much better story there, just on the periphery of the circulated press release; it only takes about about five seconds to find it.

(CW)TB out.


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