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Gabe / on Tue, Nov 15 2011 at 10:10 am

Skyward Sword

A few months ago Nintendo approached us about doing a project for them. I was interested, but my schedule was full at the time. Then they told us it was Zelda. The business guys were hesitant to put any more work on my plate but I told them I had to do it. Like a little kid offering to do chores I promised I would work late and come in on the weekends. I had to draw Zelda!

Before anything was signed they needed to see how I would draw Link. They told me that my artwork would need to get approved by the artists on the Skyward Sword team as well as Mr. Aonuma himself. I was absolutely terrified. So I went to work and sent over some concept art. I had done a young almost Wind Waker style version of Link and they liked it but told me that Link was older in this game and so I needed to make him a teenager. Also Skyward Sword uses a really beautiful water color effect and they wanted to know if I could incorporate that.

So I went back to the drawing board. I actually bought some water colors and started doing tests. I knew that I’d be creating the comic in Photoshop but I figured a better understanding of the physical medium would help. I painted this:

I colored it again but this time using Photoshop and sent it over to Nintendo.

(click here for the High Res)

This is the message I got back:

“this is some great stuff. I was actually with Mr. Aonuma on Friday for the Zelda Symphony and we were able to quickly show him the first page, which he liked.”

I can not describe how incredible that made me feel. So I went to work on the rest of the pages determined to make this my best work to date.

We’ve done a lot of these PA presents projects over the years. I’m very proud of all of them but this is special. This is Zelda. Even as I’m typing this I’m getting a little emotional.


This is Zelda.

-Gabe out

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