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Tycho / on Thu, Nov 24 2011 at 11:00 pm

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The Conflux, Part Two

I like to roleplay, but the full graph this data resides in is three dimensional and denotes a wealth of additional data.  For example, I like roleplaying more than I like being chased through the savannah by a leopard, but just barely.  What I like is doing worldbuilding, creating characters, and writing dialogue, which are all things you can do from that side of the table but aren’t necessarily your place.  The BDSM term is, I think, “Topping From The Bottom.”

It can be fun, and under the right circumstances it can help, but I was added to Gabriel’s table late in the campaign.  I didn’t earn those levels, and they’ve got an incredible rapport already in existence that my sudden appearance only serves to perforate.  I’ve always offered a suite of Wormtongue related services, and been delighted when they were absorbed into the story, but I think I’ll be of much more use to the party as someone in an Arbiter role trying to build world than as somebody who (in game terms) got they cup but they ain’t chipped in.

Plus, having six active players would be a fuckfest.  I’m sure there’s a BDSM term for that, too.  The term might actually be “fuckfest,” who knows. 

I have a lot to learn, though; and not just about kink.  This world he has nurtured exists, as much as it can.  His players have their own relationship to it; he holds it in space, and ticks every piece of it along their distinct parabolae.  The trick will be insinuating myself in that system without interrupting it, honoring its laws as I iterate them.

(CW)TB out.

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