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Tycho / on Fri, Sep 24 2010 at 12:00 am

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I sometimes get overwhelmed with only one wife, and only two children.  I’m not sure I’m patriarch material.  Even so, I should probably make absolutely sure.

The Move bundle itself - the single controller, the Playstation Eye, and the Sports Champions disc - is delivered in a very perfunctory way.  I think I must be spoiled now by the standard Apple experience, where one comes to believe that it is Christmas and that you are opening a Present, but the Move was really kind of a flimsy box with some stuff inside that did little to reinforce the notion that this peripheral is the very yoke of the future.  They also launched it the same day as Reach, which…  I don’t know.  Maybe don’t launch things then.

The demo disc, though, delivers a surprising amount of value.  I’m not entirely sure why the demos need to install themselves onto your system, but there’s a huge pile of experiences there for you to sift through as you wonder what to do with your mystical knob.  If you’ve thus far neglected to install Beat Sketchers from your disc, either because you don’t have any idea what that could possibly mean or you didn’t know it was there to begin with, it’s something you need to remedy.  Among other things, it allows you to draw over the top of a live video feed, which means (among other things) that you can draw a hat right on top of your head.  Any kind of hat you want.  You may think that ain’t such a much, but you’ll see.  Drawing on reality makes you feel like a Goddamn sorcerer.

I have probably seen the Bioshock Infinite trailer ten times already, and I may not be done watching it.  Things I thought were the work of an errant codec the first few times… weren’t.  I wonder what else I’m missing.

Conversation about its status as a “rail shooter” or whether or not the piece actually represents gameplay abounds, but virtually from the first moment of the video it begins kicking you in the fucking teeth, just kicking you, over and over.  On more than one occasion I thought, do these people know what they’re doing?  They have to know, because they’re Irrational Games; but locking horns with concepts like racism and nativism and the deification of our founders simply isn’t done on this tier of the industry.  San Andreas shocked the nation because it allowed two consenting polygons to “have sex,” or some facsimile thereof, but I strongly suspect that when a game dares to engage with our actual nation, it’ll be crickets from hell to breakfast.


it’s a long road to caanan

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