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Tycho / on Tue, Jan 17 2012 at 11:00 pm

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Hero Academy is from Robot Entertainment, which I always think of being entertainment for robots as opposed to by them, but that’s not important right now.  What’s important is that you download this ridiculously free app for your iOS device immediately so that you can begin waiting for people to send you their turns.

There’s plenty of asynchronous tactics games available on mobile platforms, but this one hits the sweet spot in so many tradeoffs that each turn is like munching a little stack of Pringles.  For example, the “playfield” is small, like a boardgame.  It could be bigger, but it’s not; at the same time, it’s not so small that positioning is minimized.  Each turn consists of five - and only five - actions, and you can play your turn over and over again locally until you’ve found the optimal investment of those actions.  Maybe a single unit takes all of them.  Maybe it’s a turn you use to equip for the countercharge.  Turns are never onerous, they always consist of some scientifically optimized volume of input.

It’s micro’d up the ass, but they’re generally for things that I don’t think are important and probably wont ever purchase.  The only thing I’m likely to buy would be new armies, and I’ll be getting those the moment they become available.  The art sells them big time, and if the two armies currently available describe their overall thought process I would buy all of them today, these currently nonexistent armies, sight unseen.

Brenna asked me what SOPA was last night, and I was quiet for about fifteen seconds while I tried to create a definition that would make any kind of sense to someone who wasn’t a Redditor.  If you say that it’s a mechanism for curbing the distribution of copyrighted material, that’s not something that people think is “wrong.”  This is a huge part of the problem, and if you have been wondering how things managed to get this far that’s a big part of it.  Someone asked me my “stance” on SOPA/PIPA last week, and I told them that I had the same stance as every other conscious being; that it’s Satanic.  But I didn’t know what to do.

Extra Credits is forever on the cusp, and their episode today is even cuspier(?).  As a tool for obliterating critics, The Stop Online Piracy Whatever literally enshrines a “shoot first, ask questions later” policy, which is something no content creator (or consumer, for that matter) can abide.  The gaming industry’s trade association - the ESA - supports SOPA for what it feels are obvious reasons.  This episode of Extra Credits is about giving them an equally obvious reason not to.

  (CW)TB out.

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