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Gabe / on Wed, Jan 25 2012 at 9:43 am

Star Wars crap

After playing so much SW:TOR and really enjoying it I decided to try a Star Wars book. I had given up them a while back after a series of extremely bad books. I ended up grabbing Darth Plagueis. If it had just been incredibly boring I might have stuck it out but it was also stupid. I was listening to an especially lame chapter when the narrator started talking about ancient Sith lords and their lost techniques. One such lord was a sort of ancient necromancer and his name was Darth Andeddu. I don’t care what stupid space way you spell it, the name is pronounced Undead-u. The immortal Sith dude is called Darth Undead. I said “fuck you” out loud in my car and turned the stupid thing off.

I was already not thrilled about Darth Plagueis. I mean why the hell do these Darths feel the need to advertise how evil they are? A good villain does not think he is evil. He thinks he is doing the right thing. That is what makes him so fucking scary. I mean why the hell would anyone deal with someone named Mr. Insidious? Does the Trade Federation really think this guy is gonna honor his deals? If a Sith lord really wanted to mess with people he’d call himself Darth Fruitbasket or something. Then when he shows up with the planet killer gun everyone would be like like “Whoa, what!?”.

If you want to read a really incredible story of a Jedi falling to the Dark Side check out the Legacy of the Force series. Despite Troy Denning attempting to ruin it with every word he writes, the rest of the writing team managed to make a great story. Karen Travis writes a fall to the Dark Side that is actually believable. You really get an idea for how seductive the Dark Side can be and how an honestly good person could give themselves over to it.

It makes me excited for the future of SW:TOR. Imagine a future update in which one of the Jedi story lines involves a brush with the Dark Side and even the ability to fall. Now that would be amazing!

-Gabe out

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