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Gabe / on Tue, Feb 14 2012 at 11:53 am


I debated talking about this but I think it’s important. If you’re playing SW:TOR this post will have some spoilers with regards to the end of the first story arc.

I was incredibly disappointed and frustrated by the ending of the first arc In SW:TOR. I am playing a Jedi Consular and my class story was really the thing that kept me playing the game. Around level 35 the story started to wrap itself up and this involved a ridiculous amount of planet hopping. I kept getting sent back to Tython and then out to another planet and then back to Tython. Each time running to the space port, to my hanger to my ship to an orbital station to a different hanger to another shuttle to a space port. I was repeating this bullshit dance over and over again until my story finally concluded and that’s when the worst offense happened.

After wrapping up my storyline I was told that the Jedi counsel wasn’t quite ready to give me my next assignment and I should head to the Republic Fleet for some R&R. I assumed this was all apart of the story. I arrived at the fleet and found the person I needed to talk to standing next to my class trainer. I clicked on them to initiate a dialog and they had nothing to say. Then the quest showed up as completed and told me to return to Tython. Let me say that again. The person had nothing to fucking say to me. They did not even try and pretend that they were doing anything other then making me run around for no God-damned reason.

I will put up with a lot of bullshit. I’ll run back and forth between these stupid spaceports but you have to meet me half way. I understand that there are all kinds of things MMO’s do to extend playtime. But this was too much. There was absolutely no reason for me to go all the way back to the fleet. In fact they couldn’t even be fucked to make up some half-assed reason to send me back there. It was so blatant and so insulting that I have not played the game since. That was probably two weeks ago and I’ve had no desire to log back in.

I recognize that these games represent a sort of player abuse, but at least tell me you love me after you slap me.

-Gabe out

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