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Gabe / on Fri, Mar 9 2012 at 10:45 am

PAX East

To be fair I don’t honestly expect to be killed by a psychopath anytime soon. But the tweets from Mr. Paul Christoforo have certainly been…interesting. I think that anytime someone says they are excited to meet you and that “the police will not stop me.” you should probably pay attention. Honestly as someone who truly enjoys making people angry, the fact that I have now driven another human being to say those words is sort of an achievement.

Either way the guy is not allowed at PAX and I don’t think we’ll have any trouble managing that. but PAX East isn’t just about me and the crazy people who may or may not be stalking me. No, PAX East is also about the Omegathon!

At PAX east we do things a little different. Rather than competing individually, our Omeganauts are paired up. If you’re interested in watching any of the rounds here’s a list for you.

Round 1: X-Men
Merman Theatre, Friday, 4:00 PM

Round 2: Zip-It
Merman Theatre, Saturday, 2:00 PM

Round 3: Dance Central 2
Main Theatre, Saturday, 8:00 PM - the opening act to the Saturday night concerts

Final Round: ???
Main Theatre, Sunday, 5:30 PM

This year’s secret final round will be very cool I think. I don’t want to give too much away but how about a hint?

We had custom equipment built

chew on that for a bit.

-Gabe out

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