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Gabe / on Thu, Jul 12 2012 at 7:44 am

Updated Kickstarter

We have updated the Kickstarter FAQ with answers to a lot of the questions we’ve been getting. We’ve also revealed a couple of the stretch goal projects. Something that might not have been clear is that when we say no advertising that also means no PA Presents. I love working on comics for publishers but we spend a huge chunk of time every year on stuff that isn’t ours. Working on things like comics to promote games and pre-sell bonuses fill in all the cracks between our Mon, Wed, Fri strips. I’ve been honored to work with some of these properties but I’d love to devote that time to our own projects. I feel like we have all these cool worlds that we’re neglecting because we just don’t have the time. This KS would change all that.

On the KS page now you will see that we have plans for a new Lookouts story, one that explains what it’s like for girls in this world. We also put up a peek at an Automata project we’d love to do. The best part is that if the KS works all these new projects would go up alongside the regular strip rather than taking it over.  This isn’t just about an ad free Penny Arcade, it is about more Penny Arcade.

Some people have asked if the KS ammount is really how much we make in advertising each year. Advertising revenue changes from year to year but the truth is that this figure is significantly less than we generally make. This KS is not about making money, it is about working directly for you guys and the freedom that will give us as artists.

Already the support for the idea has been overwhelming. Thank you to everyone who has chipped in. If you still have questions after looking at the updated FAQ please send them my way. Also we’d love to hear your ideas for rewards and stretch goals. This is a big experiment for us and we want to hear from you guys. 

-Gabe out

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