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Tycho / on Wed, Sep 19 2012 at 12:01 am

Gabriel’s Guild Wars account was hacked with all speed, shortly after it had begun to germinate mentally.  He received a mail that said someone - “hopefully you!” - had made a password change request.  Spoiler warning, obviously!  It wasn’t.

These games build their dependence giving you a little drip of sugar at a time, and the account was stolen right in the middle of the most reliable phase of absorption; someone else was playing the character when the game cracks open at about level 10 and light starts to shoot out of it.  They levelled up a couple weapons, did nice things for people.  People steal accounts to use as rebroadcasters for their lucrative Golds, but this was more like, I don’t know.  Joyriding?  I guess?  All the bags got emptied, and the character is no worse for wear, but it’s just…  weird somehow.

I have played it every spare moment I have, and I’m only level eighteen - I have no idea how reviewers got as far as they did, or what wedge of the game they managed to experience when they got there.  I’m not saying that they’re bad people or that they didn’t do it, I’m just impressed.  There are so many “games” present here, and you can choose one and play that to the exclusion of the others, in a game that will never be finished.

I like to make combos, that’s the only thing I can say with certainty.  I love to play it, but I’m not anywhere near forming an opinion, and with Borderlands, Torchlight, and a renewed interest in League of Legends here to suck the air out, Guild Wars 2 seems destined to be a largely private affair.

It’s well suited to that, with its ad hoc grouping, organic quests, and high-concept PvP.  Still, though.  If you don’t have someone in their with you, you feel like you’re “playing wrong,” which may not even be an actual thing.

(CW)TB out.

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