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Tycho / on Tue, Dec 11 2012 at 11:01 pm

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The Vault Of Winter, Part Three

So, there’s two things to mention.  The first is that The Vault Of Winter, Part Three is now available.

The second is that Omin - Ominifis Hereward Dran, also known as “The bald one” - runs Acquisitions Incorporated, to be certain, but sees himself more as an entrepreneur than as an adventurer.  That is to say, long term, he sees Acquisitions Incorporated more as a franchise opportunity than a true career for himself.  He needs to build the AI brand so that other people can bring him gold from haunted crevices.  The fantasy was always, always, always to make a set of explicitly, ostensibly humorous campaign modules where players start up a local branch and take things in their own direction.

That’s one of the things about D&D (or any roleplaying game, for that matter).  Much of what happens in these games is business of a sort generally considered quite serious.  There are machinations and ruses and stratagems.  You can kill people, and they won’t even care!  Sometimes there is a dragon head.  But sometimes everybody is laughing and you can’t help it.  I could try to explain why but it’s super common and people probably do it for different reasons.  One of the reasons is almost certainly that you are with a bunch of your friends and your life is such that you can take time out of it to live another one.  But very few adventures implicitly recognize that what you are doing is fun, let alone funny.  I think we would be good at that.

When we were doing what we do, as well as we can do it, it strikes a very particular tone: love for the source material, but the love of a brother; a love which may chide safely.

We’ve entered a junction where I’m working every day until it’s incredibly, oppressively dark and I can’t talk about any of it.  I can’t even give general examples.  Occasionally I think that making comics is my job, or writing these posts, but those things are more like the tortilla that contains the rest of my writhing, multifarious jobs.

(CW)TB out.

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