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Tycho / on Thu, Dec 13 2012 at 11:01 pm

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The Vault Of Winter, Part Four

Vault of Winter, Module 4: Blood On The Gate

With the Emerald Storm passing so near the Prime Material, passage to the Feywild is a dangerous (if not utterly lethal) endeavor.  Hunks of shredding, sentient gem routinely liquefy interlopers travelling without the benefit of Elven expertise.  Characters who acquired Aelf-Buxx in the first three modules may now expend them to secure guides of varying quality, according to the following chart:

Aelf-Buxx Assistance Outcome
1 Aelf-Buck Quarter-Elf, Mother’s Side Shredded Completely
2 Aelf-Buxx Half-Elf Dickhole Stretched Out
3 Aelf-Buxx Elf With Benefits It’s Complicated
4 Aelf-Buxx Super Elf Dong Transmuted To Iron
9 Aelf-Buxx Aeofel Elhromane Safe Passage/Scones

Upon exiting the portal, if that is a thing that even happens, the snowspire of Lord Wyntyr (“wean-tehr”) is plainly visible.  A direct approach would be suicide, but if you have something else you need to do tonight you are welcome to suggest it.  In this foolhardly, genuinely hilarious scenario, the party encounters 1d6+1 Paindeer.

Each wears a Blessed Windmantle and is armed with a devastating Psychic Goad.  Each antler acts as an additional equipment slot; Permafrost Bulbs and Wave-Bangles are an especially unfair combination, then again, two Grave-Bells will probably do the trick.  It’s pretty hard to fight a bipedal deer person when you’re dead twice.

(CW)TB out.

wild and sweet


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