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Tycho / on Thu, Jan 31 2013 at 11:01 pm

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Moon and Source Code are both really good movies, but they don’t have any orcs in them, so it’s not super clear to me what makes Duncan Jones “the guy” to direct a World of Warcraft film other than the fact that he said it was possible to actually do it.  That seems like a prerequisite to me I guess, but I am not well versed in Hollywood ritual!  In any event, provided they execute it exactly as we describe, it should be a fairly straightforward process.

There is a lot of material out there in World of Warcraft’s Ten-Thousand Year Reign to make a movie about, and choosing would be the most difficult part if the actual most difficult part weren’t making a movie that wouldn’t be read as pastiche.

At this late hour, there’s enough original meat and sinew to pull it off, but I’m a fairly expert consumer of that setting.  Selling that uniqueness in a trailer seems like a tough business, at least in part because (as we’ve discussed in comics and, somehow, hoodies) you can occasionally see the serial numbers on this stuff.  Even the most mainstream viewer of film is conversant in some of these fantasy tropes now.  I don’t know, seems like a toughie.  This is another one of those jobs that I “do not want.”

Fire Emblem’s imminent release reminded me that I owned the platform in question, and once I managed to cast the right spell on my router, I was able to download a demo for the game.  I have to take a minute and appreciate Intelligent Systems; a software package like this is generally thought of as a marketing exercise, a mathematically dowsed optimus of interactive surface area, something to amuse your bouche while you trundle entropically toward dissolution.  But you can die in this thing - that is to say, it will kill you - in the very first fight, on normal difficulty.  It doesn’t give a shit.  It will pulverize you with warhammers and zap up on a motherfucker with a witch.  Even amid the barb and flourish of the retail lure, it would rather teach players hard lessons than kindle consumer desire.

I gotta give props.

(CW)TB out.

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