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Gabe / on Thu, Apr 4 2013 at 9:28 am


When we did our Kickstarter last year we thought it would be funny to include a few joke backer rewards. One of them we decided to pull right from this Penny Arcade strip about Kickstarting things. The reward was that I would shout your name while chasing a duck. I want to reiterate that this was a JOKE and we did not think people would actually expect me to do it.

But yeah everyone totally expected me to do it.

So here it is. Nearly an hour of me saying names and bothering ducks. We have included a handy watermark in the corner that shows what letter I am on. This should allow you to skip to your name pretty quick.

Some other quick notes about the video

-Yes I am bad at pronouncing names. In my defense a lot of them were handles with numbers and shit in them.

-It’s only first names or handles. So if we had 100 Bobs donate I only said Bob once and that Bob was for all the Bobs.

-I realize that I’m not “shouting” and I apologize for that. Also some people have suggested I’m not really “chasing” but only “following”. This is a real discussion that people are having.

-The woman in the background is one of the owners of the farm. It was actually very difficult to find a farm with ducks that would let us come and do this. She agreed to it but wanted to watch the entire thing.

-Finally if you have not subscribed to the new PATV YouTube channel now is a great time. We would really appreciate it.

-Gabe out

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